Professional But Personal Legal Services To Give You Peace Of Mind In Your Business And Tax Matters

How I Help My Clients

It is important to understand the services a business attorney offers before hiring them. Not all lawyers can help your company in the same way, and you deserve to know what to expect from a lawyer before committing to their services.

I am attorney Jennifer Brugh, and I use nearly a decade of experience to help individuals and small businesses in the Ravenswood-Lincoln Square neighborhood and throughout Chicago. I am proud to assist my clients through even the most challenging legal problems.

My Areas Of Practice

When attorneys take on too many practice areas, they can spread themselves thin, causing their quality of work to falter across all the practice areas. I focus my talents in the following areas:

  • Small business legal support – The financial implications of your choices as an entrepreneur or business owner begin the moment you decide to start your company. I help new and emerging companies choose a strategic business structure and provide entity formation packages that offer help with startup paperwork and decision-making. At any stage of their operations, I can offer companies help with drafting and reviewing business contracts, since a legally sound contract can make the difference between a working arrangement that produces mutual value and one that leads to disagreement or even litigation.
  • Small business tax support – Staying up to date on your tax obligations as a business entity with the state of Illinois and the federal government is a must for long-term business viability. I help business owners understand the tax consequences of their decisions, and I provide guidance and representation in tax planning, tax compliance matters and resolution of tax controversies. There are many ways to deal with your tax obligations successfully; my background in taxation law helps me develop innovative approaches that provide your business with the ability to grow and thrive.

I work closely with my clients to identify their unique needs before developing a strategy that I custom tailor to meet those needs. I work on a flat-fee basis, so my clients know upfront what their expenses will be. I help clients throughout the Ravenswood-Lincoln Square neighborhood, as well as clients throughout the Chicago metro area.

The Help Your Business Deserves

Choosing an attorney to represent your business is an important decision.