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At JRB Law, LLC, I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. I am Jennifer Brugh, an attorney and tax professional. My focus is to assist my clients in preventing problems with strategic business planning and meeting their tax filing, paying and record-keeping requirements.

Serving Businesses in the Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, and Albany Park Neighborhoods

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Business owners are subject to a constellation of federal, state and municipal regulations with serious legal and financial implications if not met. While many business owners are well aware of income tax, payroll tax and at a state level, sales tax, they may overlook basics such as business planning, forming the most beneficial entity structure – such as a partnership, limited liability company, s-corporation among others – or carefully wording business or employment contracts in their haste to get up and running.

For more than a decade, I have been working with a wide range of small to midsize companies across the country. Many have come to my firm initially because they were delinquent in their income taxes or payroll taxes. Can they settle? Can they do a payment plan? Are they subject to trust fund repayment penalties? I work with them to answer these questions. In addition to helping clients plan a route to tax compliance and working out their tax debt, I have successfully helped my clients explore their business options, address potential liability and negotiate contracts for vendors, business leases, employees and more so they can concentrate on their own clients and products.

How I Help Small And Medium-Size Businesses

My Practice Areas

My law office provides comprehensive assistance for many critical areas of your small or medium-sized business.

Small Business Legal Support

I can help you run your company more smoothly by providing counsel on strategic business structuring, entity formation, contracts and more.

Small Business Tax Support

I offer guidance and representation related to business taxation, including tax compliance, tax resolutions and tax planning.

Business Tax Planning And Savvy Tax Resolutions

There are distinct tax benefits to the various types of business entities. Whether you choose to start your business or restructure your existing business as a sole proprietor, s-corporation, corporation, partnership or limited liability company will depend on many factors. As a business attorney and tax professional, I can leverage your success with an analysis to help you make informed decisions about how to approach your taxes and about the future growth of your business.

New entrepreneurs do not always understand the full scope of federal and state tax requirements and may not withhold or deposit the correct amounts with each entity by the required due dates. This can result in substantial penalties and interest. I have helped business owners who are dealing with these and other issues, such as misclassifying their employees as independent contractors.

Suppose your small business is contending with an IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue audit, missing tax returns or has past due tax issues. In that case, I can evaluate your current circumstances, uncover the root of the problem and help you develop an optimal tax resolution.

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Put Your Business In The Best Position To Succeed

I am here to help you achieve your business goals. Licensed to practice law in Illinois, I am authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, the Illinois Department of Revenue and other taxing authorities. I am a member of The Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association. I am also a member of the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce.
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