Professional But Personal Legal Services To Give You Peace Of Mind In Your Business And Tax Matters

I Can Help You Handle Tax Matters With Confidence

One of my primary legal practice areas is taxation matters. During my seven years working for a major national tax resolution company prior to opening JRB Law, LLC, I discovered it was often the minor taxation-related mistakes that turned into the biggest headaches for small and medium-sized businesses. From missing tax withholding deadlines to unintentionally misclassifying employees or contract workers, what seems like a small oversight can result in substantial tax penalties and interest.

A minor tax mistake can quickly turn into a serious legal challenge, which is why I remain extremely meticulous and detail-oriented in my work. I have the experience and skill to catch the minor details that could jeopardize a business’s operations and to correct them before they become a major problem for you. I can help you complete necessary legal documents, establish or exit a company, answer complicated tax questions, and give your company the guidance it needs.

Providing Knowledgeable Assistance With Tax Planning, Compliance And Resolution

My goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs set up tax systems that take the worry out of this part of operating a business. There are three key parts to this:

  • Tax planning – From formation to exit, there are many decisions that can have serious tax impacts for a small business owner.
  • Tax compliance – I ensure that companies are meeting their tax filing, paying and record-keeping requirements.
  • Tax resolution – I find solutions to dealing with past-due taxes, missing tax returns, or an audit by evaluating the root of the problem and your current unique situation and formulating the best resolution for your case.

I am a licensed attorney in Illinois and am authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, the Illinois Department of Revenue, and other taxing authorities. Whether you have past due tax debts, are being audited by the IRS or state tax authority, or need strategic planning assistance for your small business, I am here to help you reach your goals.